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Microscopic root canal treatment is performed by our specialists and uses a magnification of 25x to see details that are impossible to see with the naked eye. 

The use of a microscope with a trained root canal specialist can lead to finding roots that would otherwise go unseen and
untreated. Microscopic root canal treatments have consistently resulted in a better outcome because they allow for extremely detailed procedures. 

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Dr. Fay Mansouri

Dr. Fay mansouri endodontist portrait

Always thirsting for knowledge, Dr. Mansouri keeps up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry, endodontics, radiology, and sterilization. She has always gone beyond what is expected to offer only the best to her patients.

Dr. Mansouri’s approach to your treatment always starts with patiently listening to you. Then, after a complete and thorough examination, she reviews and discusses the diagnosis and treatment options with you. She is honest with her patients and she will always give time to her patients to ask questions.

  • 20 Years of experience
  • Top 5% at Dental School
  • #1 Temple University Graduate
  • Top 3% National Dental Board Exam
  • The Louis Grossman Achievement Award
  • Board Eligible
  • Teaching Experience at UCLA & USC
  • Married and has 2 beautiful children

Dr. Michelle Lee

Skill and compassion go hand in hand when providing exceptional Endodontic Treatment in Orange County.  As a dental professional, I stay up to date on the latest advancements in endodontics in order to provide the most current treatment options for my patients.  As a doctor, I recognize that my patients are unique individuals who have placed a great deal of trust in me and my team.  That is just one reason why I value each and every patient relationship.

I appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit this site and find out more about my Orange County endodontic practice, my team, and the many services we can provide to help you achieve optimum oral health.

  • Graduate of Loma Linda dental school
  • Undergraduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz.
  • Finished her Endodontics specialty program at the Loma Linda University
  • Winner of multiple scholarships
  • AAE, ADA, and CDA member
  • Loma Linda dental school clinical instructor
  • 18 years of experience
  • Nationally published specialty articles
  • Married to a pediatric dentist and has three children

Dr. Jimmy Pham

Dr. Jimmy Pham attended the University of California Irvine, majoring in Biology. He went on to earn his D.D.S. degree at the University of Southern California. After 6 years Dr. Pham continued his studies emphasizing in endodontics at Boston University, School of Dental Medicine. With years of experience, he uses his mastered dental skills to bring precision dental practices to all of his patients.

Dr. Pham uses the latest technology to provide endodontic services including root canals and endodontic surgery. His continued passion for education keeps him updated on the latest methods and the best options for his patients.

  • Attended University of California Irvine
  • University of Southern California Dental Graduate
  • Endodontics Certificate at Boston University
  • Specializes in endodontic treatment


Bill has been in the dental field since 2004. He began his career as a graphic designer, since then he has held several positions within a dental office, and has been an office manager for the last ten years. His experience in patient care, insurance, and customer service is an asset to our office. His passion for helping patients shows in his willingness to go above and beyond.

He lives in Lake Forest. During his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his twins going to the park or the movies or just playing games.

He is available during office hours to help or answer any questions or concerns you may have. Consider him your personal concierge at Irvine Endodontics.

  • 10 Years of Experience
  • Graphic designer background
  • Has twins
  • Experienced in patient care and insurance
  • Caring and friendly


Mike Nguyen is our Lead Assistant. He received his certification locally, but is originally from the East coast. His extensive training and experience assisting specialist dentists makes him a tremendous addition to the Irvine Endodontics team. As a team lead, he ensures that all of our dental assisting staff are trained and ready to assist. He also oversees that all of our high quality materials are ready for any patient that walks through our doors. He is an asset to our team and the person to go to for dental assisting expertise.

On his time off, Mike is an automobile enthusiast and enjoys exploring Southern California with his lovely wife.

  • Lead Assistant
  • Married to a beautiful wife
  • Automobile enthusiast


Thao is the new friendly face here at Irvine Endodontics. She is a part of our front office, back office, and marketing team. Her passion for dentistry is what drives her as she loves giving patients best professional care possible. Thao received her B.S. in Public Health Science from University of California, Irvine and since had extensive experience with patient care. Thao was involved in neurocritical researches at her university, patient relations at UCI Medical Center, and participated in several Be The Match: The National Marrow Donor drives. She hopes to become a dentist in the future in order to bring confident smiles to everybody.
In her spare time, you can almost always find her at a local Starbucks or library studying for her entrance exams and classes, or trying to be Instagram famous (you know, in case Dentistry doesn’t work out). Her other hobbies include cooking, working out, and exploring the next big eateries around town with her significant other.

  • B.S. in Public Health Science
  • Patient relations at UCI Medical Center
  • Involved in neurocritical researches


Ruby is certified and trained in dental assisting and loves the science of dental arts. Her smile and quirky attitude make any patient’s experience a fun and memorable one. With her extended knowledge in dentistry, she plans to continue studying oral health and dentistry in order to one day be an endodontist! You’ll know her immediately from her smile and bubbly personality. With Ruby, you are sure to have fun at your appointment.

In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family and friends.

  • Trained in dental assisting
  • Loves the science of dental arts
  • Bubbly & professional


Dia was born and raised in Thailand. She moved here in 2004. She is fluent in reading and writing in Thai, Laos, and Hmong. Dia started learning English at the age of 13 years-old; learning English was not the easiest, however, she learned to use flash cards to help her memorizing words and relating it to images or arts that she drew in the back of each flash cards.

Dia started eighth grade and then went on to graduated high school in a small town called Merced, Central California. After high school, she then transferred to California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Dia earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Management and Human Resource.

Prior to working as a Dental Assistant and Marketer here, she worked with five hundred fortune corporation companies for several years. However, Dia has always loved the interactions with people. Dia absolutely valued the interactions with people because she connected on a personal level with individual people. In which, she did not often get the interactions with people while being with corporation companies. That was when she decided to make a change of career and here she is very happy with Irvine Endodontics!

Prior to working as a Dental Assistant and Marketer here, she worked with five hundred fortune corporation companies for several years. However, Dia has always loved the interactions with people. Dia absolutely valued the interactions with people because she connected on a personal level with individual people. In which, she did not often get the interactions with people while being with corporation companies. That was when she decided to make a change of career and here she is very happy with Irvine Endodontics!

  • Trained in dental assisting
  • Loves the science of dental arts
  • Bubbly & professional

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Reviews from Google, Yelp and Healthgrades

Yelp Review

“Hands down the BEST place if you have to have a Root Canal that I would recommend. I found this dental group on the internet after searching several places in Orange County. I loved the staff from the very first appointment! ALL were welcoming and very warm and friendly.” -A. R.

Google Review

“I have now had two experiences with Irvine Endodontics, about seven years apart, once each with Dr. Mansouri. In a word, they are amazing. She performed my most recent root canal, and I felt no discomfort.”
– Jeff Gomes

Yelp Review

Went in for a root canal. went really smooth. all the staff were super friendly. Dr. Mansouri was confident and very friendly. the procedure was great – I had a blanket to keep me warm and headphones. I didn’t have any pain during the procedure and no pain after.” -Louise D.

We Help You Relax!

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Sleep Dentistry

We understand patients may feel nervous about having a root canal.We offer safe oral sedation to help reduce your anxiety and make your treatment more comfortable and relaxing.

The office of dr Jason Cho Endodontist

Relaxing Environment

Going to a dentist can be stressful. We do our best to make it relaxing.
A Comfort Menu will be given at every appointment that offers a blanket, pillow, and music. We also offer lavender Aromatherapy during your visit.

Effective Anesthesia

One of the most important specialties our doctors have is administrating effective anesthesia that leaves you pain-free during the entire procedure. Most of our patients are surprised about how comfortable their root canal is.

Dr Fay Mansouri an Endodontist in Irvine with a patient

Conscious Sedation

Laughing gas is a great way to relax, is very safe, and wears off quickly. In fact, patients who use conscious sedation with laughing gas can drive themselves home after treatment. 

A patients who use conscious sedation with laughing gas


Root canal treatment is the removal of infected pulp from the pulp chambers and root canals of your tooth. Pulp is the innermost layer of your tooth and contains nerves and blood vessels, while tooth roots are the bony structures below your gum line responsible for anchoring your tooth in place.

When tooth decay passes through the enamel (outer layer) and dentin (middle layer), it infects the pulp and causes inflammation and pain. Infected pulp can also be the result of periodontal disease, tooth fracture, or an extensive history of restoration.  Once the pulp becomes infected, the only way to save the tooth from extraction is to perform a root canal.

Root canals first remove the infected pulp tissue, then clean the remaining pulp chamber and root canals to rid them of any lingering bacteria. Once the pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned, then a filling material is placed within the root canals and pulp chamber to prevent further infection by sealing the tooth. Finally, a dental crown is placed over the affected tooth to protect it from damage.

Root Canal Retreatment

In some cases, root canals can fail and then root canal retreatment is necessary. Root canal retreatment uses the same process as a root canal, except the filling material is removed since there is no longer any pulp. The dental crown that was previously placed must also be removed to access the pulp chamber of the tooth. Once the crown and filling are removed, the pulp chamber will once again be cleaned and resealed, then the crown will be replaced over the affected tooth.


Endodontic microsurgery, or Apicoectomy, is performed after a root canal procedure if the bacteria in your root canals continues to spread into the underlying bone, causing an infection, or abscess. Endodontic microsurgery is performed under a microscope to preserve the tooth’s crown.

During endodontic microsurgery, the inflamed bone and infected tissue is removed, and sent out for testing. Once the infected tissue has been completely removed, a filling is placed to seal off the affected area, and the gums are stitched up for better healing.

Over the next few months, new bone tissue will grow and fill in the space where the abscess was. After six months, we will schedule a follow-up appointment with you to ensure that proper and adequate bone growth has occurred.


Who performs endodontic treatment?

At Irvine Endodontics, all our endodontic treatments are performed by an endodontic specialist to ensure that you receive the highest quality of care. Endodontic specialists are highly experience professionals that are able to perform even the most complex of root canal procedures.

How long will root canal treatment take?

Most root canal appointments take at least 1-2 appointments to complete, however in some rare cases more appointments may be required. The amount of appointments required for your individual case will depend on how advanced the infection is and how much swelling and inflammation it has caused. You can expect each treatment appointment to last about 1-2 hours.

What happens after root canal treatment?

After completing your root canal treatment, a record of treatment and your dental x-rays will be sent back to your general dentist. A few weeks after your root canal treatment, you will need to schedule a follow-up appointment with your general dentist to determine which restoration method is best. Until the affected tooth is properly restored, you will want to avoid chewing on that side to prevent the tooth from fracturing. It is important to note that failure to continue your follow up care after a root canal can cause the root canal to fail and your tooth to be lost.

What about infection control?

Irvine Endodontics actively uses autoclave sterilization and barrier techniques to prevent infection, and is compliant with infection control standards put in place by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), and the ADA (American Dental Association).

Do I need root canal treatment even if my tooth doesn’t hurt?

Yes, the reason for needing a root canal is to remove the infection before it gets worse. Pain is a single symptom of this infection and may or may not be present when your dentist refers you to our endodontists. Nevertheless, if the infection has reached your pulp or root canals, then root canal therapy must be performed to save the tooth.


Irvine Endodontics offers flexible office hours and friendly staff to help you make an appointment for your root canal as soon as possible. When calling our office to set up your appointment, please let us know if you are currently experiencing a lot of pain. Irvine Endodontics accepts most insurance plans, as well as payment from most PPO and indemnity plans.

During your appointment, we will ask you the following questions, so please come prepared with the answers:

  • Who is your dental insurance provider?
  • Who is the primary subscriber on your dental insurance and what is their identification number and date of birth?
  • Who is your general dentist and what is their telephone number?
  • Do you have any medical conditions that require the use of antibiotics prior to dental treatment?


An emergency root canal may be necessary if you are experiencing severe tooth pain that requires immediate attention. During an emergency root canal, nerve inside the tooth is removed to alleviate any discomfort. Sometimes, if the nerve cannot be removed, then the tooth is packed with medication that will eliminate the infection and reduce pain.

In some cases, the entire root canal procedure can be completed during an emergency root canal appointment. If, however, the entire procedure cannot be completed, a temporary filling will be placed and an appointment will be made to complete the root canal.


Endodontists are dental specialists that focus on the diagnosis and treatment of tooth pain and disorders affecting the inside of the tooth. In fact, the word “Endodontic” literally breaks down to “endo” meaning within, and “odont” meaning tooth. Because Endodontists are specialists, they must complete an additional two years of postdoctoral education that focuses extensively on identifying, diagnosing, and treating diseases of the dental pulp. The most commonly performed procedure by an Endodontist is root canal treatment.

Over 14 million teeth are treated annually with some form of root canal treatment, and we at Irvine Endodontics have completed thousands of successful root canal treatments ourselves. Our goal is to make treatment as easy and as quick as possible, while executing the best course of treatment for infected or necrotic teeth.


As soon as your root canal treatment is over, you will be able to return to work, school, or your usual routine. The local anesthetic used to keep you comfortable during your procedure will wear off within a couple hours after the procedure. Our goal is provide you with the best service possible so that you are completely satisfied with your treatment. If you have any questions or concerns after your procedure, we strongly encourage you to call our office.

  • In the days following your root canal treatment and up to 10 days post-op, you may experience mild pain, soreness, swelling, and tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity can feel like a throbbing sensation that occurs when biting or chewing with the affected tooth. You are especially prone to any of these after effects if you experienced them prior to your root canal.
  • Be sure to take any and all medication prescribed to you by our office as directed. Please also note that if you are currently taking birth control, you will need to consult with your pharmacist and/or physician.
  • Continue your daily dental routine of brushing and flossing, however take care not to dislodge the temporary filling on the affected tooth.
  • If you have a temporary filling, avoid chewing on the side of the affected tooth for at least one hour after the procedure and then exercise caution when chewing to prevent the filling from falling out. It is recommended to avoid chewing on the side of the affected tooth altogether, and to especially avoid foods that are hard or chewy. It is also recommended to drink liquids as soon as your root canal is over, as this helps to harden the temporary filling.
  • Within 15 days of your root canal treatment, you will need to schedule a follow-up appointment with your general dentist. The sooner you schedule this appointment, the sooner the permanent restoration can be placed. Delaying the placement of a permanent restoration can cause the tooth to become damaged or infected again.
  • If you are experiencing severe pain or swelling after your root canal, call our office immediately.


Your first visit to Irvine Endodontics is a consultation where we will create a personalized endodontic treatment plan for you. To have your consultation go smoothly, please arrive about 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out paperwork and bring your insurance card, subscriber information, and your referral from your general dentist. In addition, you will also want to bring a list of your medications and any allergies, as these will be discussed during your consultation.

During your consultation, our endodontists will evaluate the existing structure of your tooth to determine if the root canals can be accessed. If your root canals cannot be accessed, are fractured, or are lacking sufficient bone support, the affected tooth may not be able to be saved with a root canal.

To determine if root canal treatment can be performed, dental x-rays will be taken, the surrounding gum tissue will be evaluated for disease, and your tooth will be tested to see if biting, palpation, percussion, and temperature causes pain or sensitivity. Because of this, it is important NOT to take painkillers before your appointment. Painkillers will hide your symptoms and corrupt your results.

Once our Endodontists have made a diagnosis and designed a personalized treatment plan, our professional treatment coordinator will explain this plan. At this time, you will also be provided with a quote detailing your insurance benefits and remaining financial responsibility. After you agree to treatment, another appointment will then be made to execute your root canal treatment.

About Our Office


Irvine Endodontics is a specialty office dedicated to root canal treatments and root canal re-treatments. We also offer microsurgery of the root for teeth that have had failed or complicated root canal treatments.

Our goal is to effectively treat your tooth pain while providing a very comfortable and positive experience. 

Our state of the art dental equipment including, microscopes, digital x-rays, and our special “comfort menu”, offers the most current treatment options and cutting-edge dental technology available for endodontists.


Group picture of the irvine endodontist group including dr fay mansouri and jimmy pham


Almost all insurance plans cover root canal treatments. We see patients with both full and partial coverage insurance plans.

To determine your level of coverage, our staff would be glad to provide you with a complimentary benefits check on the day of your consultation appointment.

Payment Plans

We understand some of our patients may need help with their treatment cost. While we offer multiple arrangements to address that issue.

One of them is a payment plan from a reputable healthcare payment plan called CareCredit.

Our arrangement with them allows the convenience of payment plan availability right here in our office.

No Interest payment plans available.

Call us today for more information.

Location Map

We are located conveniently between the 5 freeway and the 405 freeway at the corner of Irvine Center Drive and Laguna Canyon Road. Parking is free and there are always spots open.


Benefits will be discussed at the time of your appointment in person.

Can not be discussed via phone or email.