Looking for a Good Endodontist?

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Looking for a Good Endodontist? Keep an Eye Out for These Traits

Although common, root canal therapy is a highly specialized procedure that requires both a high level of skill and experience. Furthermore, it is no secret that the prospect of having a root canal is not exactly something that most people look forward to. That being the case, you owe it to yourself to find a provider with the ability and desire to not only give you the highest quality of care possible, but to do so in a caring and relaxing manner. If you are in search of an Endodontic office you can feel comfortable with, look for these characteristics.

Specialized Training and Education

Although all dentists can and do perform root canals, endodontists are root canal specialists whose practice focuses solely on root canal treatment. Endodontists receive up to 3 years of additional training after dental school to become highly proficient in all aspects of endodontic care. While general dentists may perform a few root canals each week, endodontists may do 5 or more every day. You owe it to yourself to choose a provider with the level of experience and skill that endodontists possess.

In addition, look for providers who go above and beyond in terms of continuing education. All dental providers are required to do a minimum number of continuing education hours each year, but the best providers will do far more. These practitioners are on the cutting edge of dental technology and are usually the most qualified.

Advanced Technology

Speaking of dental technology, most endodontic offices utilize highly advanced tools that few general dental practices will have. Some of the current technologies in endodontic care include:

  • Microscopes.

Microscopic endodontics is the practice of performing root canals with the aid of large, powerful microscopes that vastly improve the operator’s field of view. In this day and age, microscopes are nearly standard equipment for any endodontist’s office.

  • Rotary equipment.

In the old days of root canal treatment, endodontists cleaned the canals of teeth with small, handheld instruments known as files. Today, all modern endodontist offices make use of electrically-powered files that make the process much quicker and more efficient.

  • Ultrasonic equipment.

Some endodontic offices make use of ultrasonic tools such as the GentleWave system that allows a more thorough disinfecting of the tooth’s canals, leading to fewer instances of reinfection and post-operative discomfort.

Dedication to Patient’s Comfort and Overall Well-Being

In spite of the many technological advances in endodontic practice, the fact remains that all dental procedures are necessarily invasive, and require a certain degree of compassion from the provider. An endodontist who listens to your concerns and explains procedures thoroughly is one worth keeping. Similarly, those who go above and beyond to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure are the kinds of practitioners you want to entrust your care to.

By assessing endodontic offices through the lens of these criteria, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible care when it comes to your root canal procedure.

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