Quick Guide to Root Canal Treatment

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The root canal treatment is a procedure that is done to treat the tooth that has an infection or injury. It involves cleaning and disinfecting the tooth, removing the infected tissue inside the tooth, and filling the empty space with a material that helps restore the shape of your tooth.

The layers inside your tooth are called dentin, pulp and enamel. The pulp is located in between dentin and enamel, it contains nerves and blood vessels for nourishment of the tooth. If you feel any pain when chewing or biting food then you may need a root canal treatment.

A pulp is a soft tissue present in your teeth that acts as a blood supply for nourishment of your teeth. If there is an injury or infection in your tooth then it can damage your pulp causing pain while you chew food or drink cold water.

If you have severe pain while chewing food then you should visit your dentist immediately who will diagnose and treat your problem by giving you medication or performing a root canal treatment as needed.

Root canal treatment can be performed by any dentist with proper training but most dentists prefer to do this procedure under sedation so that patient does not feel any pain during treatment

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